Trust Minuteman Governance - The Cyber Security and Compliance Experts.

Minuteman Governance provides a variety of comprehensive services designed to enhance an organization's cyber security program and facilitate compliance with domestic and international privacy law. Our industry leading expertise ensures that our clients are protected from the many rapidly evolving threats and remain compliant with the complex regulatory landscape.

How do you know if your business is secure? Answer these three questions.

1) Have you trained your workforce on the danger of "social engineering" overtures?

2) Have you ever sought an independent assessment of your cyber security controls?

3) Have you evaluated your third party risk?

If your answer is "no" to one or more of these questions, you're at the imminent risk of a cyber attack.

Our array of comprehensive services include:

Policy Development

Establishing formal standards is the first step toward data protection. Minuteman will develop clear acceptable use policies that uniquely address your organization's core practices, technologies and risk. Learn More

Risk Assessment

Pro-actively identifying vulnerabilities is critical to protecting sensitive information. Minuteman will examine your core processes, evaluate your administrative, technical and physical controls, identify internal and external weaknesses and recommend measures to better protect your data. Learn More

Employee Training

Communicating and reinforcing an organization's data protection standards is an essential aspect of an effective cyber security strategy. Minuteman will create and conduct a data security training program specifically designed for your needs. Learn More

Regulatory Compliance

Minuteman provides comprehensive regulatory compliance services and assists organizations with the increasingly rigorous requirements of an array of data protection laws, including GLBA, HITECH, HIPAA and the expanding myriad of domestic and international regulation. Learn More

Incident Response

A structured, deliberate response to a data breach directly impacts the consequences resulting from these incidents. Minuteman will provide expert, continuous consultation throughout the aftermath of an incident, including forensic investigation services, customer notification, cooperation with regulatory agencies and media communications. Learn More

For questions or additional details on any of our services call us at 617.645.4422, or send us an email.