Policy Development

Minuteman Governance will develop a comprehensive set of information security policies for your organization. The implementation of current security policies is a central element of data protection and mandated by state and federal privacy regulation. We will consolidate your existing policies into a document that provides employees with clear guidance, addresses the evolving threat environment and is consistent with relevant law.

Minuteman has created information security policies for industry leading clients throughout the United States. We ensure that each policy is unique to the client’s needs and addresses their technologies, practices and risk. Organizations lacking clear policies are exposed to an increased incidence of data loss, unauthorized access, business disruption and regulatory violation.

Minuteman’s information security policy addresses the following elements:
  1. Electronic Records
  2. Paper Records
  3. Customer/Client Data
  4. Employee Data
  5. Intellectual Property
  6. Physical Security
  7. Third Party Providers
  8. Password Control
  9. E-Mail
  10. Mobile Devices
  11. Portable Storage Devices
  12. Document Retention and Destruction
  13. Incident Response
  14. Remote Access
  15. Social Media

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