About Minuteman Governance

Our Approach

Minuteman Governance develops cyber security and data governance solutions unique to your organization. Minuteman will implement a multi-faceted approach that begins with the establishment of comprehensive policies, reinforcement of these standards through innovative employee awareness programs, monitoring tools that allow for intuitive analysis of network and database activity, a risk assessment model to identify internal and external threats and a process to immediately resolve potential security incidents.

Our Value Propostion

Organizations must continually identify emerging threats to personal information and intellectual property and implement measures to mitigate the risks associated with maintaining sensitive data. Minuteman Governance will evaluate your administrative, technological and physical controls and create a comprehensive data protection program unique to your organization. We will periodically evaluate your cyber security strategy, recommend measures to address evolving vulnerabilities and ensure that you remain compliant with increasingly rigorous data protection laws. By deploying a proactive approach, Minuteman will ensure that you remain at the forefront of data protection.

About our Founder

Minuteman Governance was established and is operated by John Moynihan, a recognized authority within the cyber security profession. Prior to founding Minuteman, Moynihan served as Internal Control Officer at the Massachusetts Department of Revenue and was responsible for the agency’s cyber security and internal audit functions. While in this role, he developed a nationally recognized privacy protection program, directed comprehensive technology audits and managed complex data security investigations. Moynihan has created cyber security programs for clients within a variety of industries, directed comprehensive risk assessments, managed multi-faceted compliance initiatives and coordinated several data breach investigations.

Moynihan holds the CGEIT (Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT) and CRISC (Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control) designations and is among a limited number of practitioners worldwide that are so designated. He advises public and private sector organizations on data security issues and has published several articles on his methods.

For questions or additional details on any of our services call us at 617.645.4422, or send us an email.