Employee Training

Minuteman Governance will create and implement an information security training program for your organization. A structured training program is an essential component of an organization's information security program, without which employees will utilize subjective and arbitrary data protection methods. The implementation of a comprehensive training program reduces an organization's exposure to both inadvertent and willful data breaches and is required by most privacy regulations.

Minuteman will ensure that the training is directly aligned with your organization's information security policies. We provide employees with an explanation of what is expected of them, an overview of the most current threats and practical advice on how to better protect electronic and paper records. The training will include a discussion of prohibited activities, a question and answer period and an explanation of the consequences of a data breach. Drawing upon our experience in managing a variety of high-profile data breaches, employees will be provided with case studies of actual security incidents and cautioned regarding the activities which caused these events.

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