Risk Assessment

Minuteman Governance will conduct a comprehensive risk assessment of your organization’s controls to ensure that you are adequately protected from internal and external threats. During the assessment process, determinations will be made regarding the various types of confidential information maintained, the environments within which the information is stored, the methods by which the information is accessed and risk presence.

Minuteman’s assessment report identifies, clarifies and categorizes each condition that subjects your organization to a data breach and contains recommendations to mitigate risk.

Minuteman’s risk assessment examines the following areas:
  1. Electronic records
  2. Paper records
  3. Intellectual Property (source code, R & D, engineering)
  4. Customer/client data
  5. Employee data
  6. Acceptable-Use policies
  7. Perimeter control (Firewall)
  8. Physical security/facility access control
  9. Infrastructure security
  10. Third-Party security
  11. Password control
  12. E-mail security
  13. Mobile and portable storage devices
  14. Virus protection
  15. Encryption
  16. Authentication
  17. Patch management
  18. Document retention and destruction
  19. Remote access
  20. Incident response
  21. Employee training

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